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Please check out our sponsor's ...

Post by animal addict on Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:47 am

This list will be continuously added to as fab wonderful people continue to donate so please take the time to read the whole list and to re-visit it every so often to check for new additions Very Happy


Dilip has been a wonderful supporter of the rescue service for a few years now and many carers and hoggie owners use finacard products:

UKAPH Registry:

An important tool in promoting responsible and ethical breeding and home to the recommended breeders list:


An avid supporter of the rescue service that produces a variety of hoggie related products and provides a holiday boarding service - when you go on holiday why shouldnt your hoggies go too ;-) :

Prickly Crafts

Emily has made many donations of her products in the past which have been used to raise much needed funds for the rescue in competitions and raffles:



Hoggie homes and bedding - lots of choice and great quality:

Clipsey Cosy Critters:

Made to order pet bedding who have donated to the rescue generously:


A company that provides a wide variety of custom made products for all hoggie needs and who has donated generously in the past:

The largest APH forum on the internet:


Hannah's Hedgehog Food:

We have recently received generous donations of this tailored hedgie food:

Debbie Greenaway

Illustrator and printer of hoggie produts amongst other things - worth checking out!!:

Mystic Moose:

cute and kitsch items - we love their tote bags !! :


Another bedding alternative whos donated to the resue previously:

Amy @ Meandmyhog:

Amy has very kindly donated a set of hoggie earrings and you can visit her blog & forum here:

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