Important Health Warning - Please Read!!!

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Important Health Warning - Please Read!!!

Post by animal addict on Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:21 pm

Just a little warning to owners who take their APH outside for a little sniff in the grass from time to time etc ... I'm sure everyone is aware and super vigilant with regards to their APH not having access to any bugs that are not bred in controlled environments to be pesticide and parasite free but its come to light that the wildie population is currently experiencing severe parasite issues which is resulting in the death of many. The problems appear to originate and picked up by eating bugs (can't confirm which bugs but would appear woodlice have a role to play) and basically ends up in the stomach where it is causing damage and eventually death. As a lot of people put their APH outside (however briefly) it could be possible that they could potentially pick this up aswell. Currently there are no symptoms, its not transferred via poop or any of the normal stuff, areas that have been hit by it are treating routinely as it can be helped in the early stages but mostly wildie hogs are coming in to late to do anything about it - so please anyone who does take their APH outside (albeit the weather has taken a turn for the worst again presently!!) can you please be extra extra vigilant at this present time.

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