Erin to Levi ...

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Erin to Levi ...

Post by St.Ives Soo on Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:38 pm

Levi honey I love you .... just wonderin how you is? heard you wuzn't too well Sad

I've missed our little chats ... I is being a good girl now [ according to my humanoids] I duzn't try to bite, cos I learned it gets me put down on the cold floor, instead of being allowed to snuggle up and Sleep nice an warm! tongue I even help my 'she' humanoid out when her fluffy night coat is nasty and clean .... i poo on it for her, to make it all lovely and smelly again ... She shouts ''ERRRRIIIIIIN, that wuz my clean dressing gown'' in a loud voice.... so I knows I has done good!!! Wink Laughing

Come and say hello sometime soon, my sweet Levi .... I love you I love you I love you

All my luvs and huffs .... Respect .... Your Erin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I love you

St.Ives Soo

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