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Selling Stuff

Post by *Emma* on Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:12 pm

Hi All

I hope you are all keeping well? Very Happy

I've been taking a break from hogs since my little girl was put to sleep. Unfortunately I'm about to move house and wont have the space for the spare cages and bits that I currently have so I am selling them. I wondered if anyone would be interested here?

ZooZone 2 in blue which I would like £15 for its in fair condition.
ZooZone 2 in white which has a cracked lid, but is secure and could be repaired with glue which I would like £10 for (I always thought the white looked better)
Habistat matt stat £14 (could post)
Heat mats 150x280mm £8, 280x280mm £8 and 590x280mm £12 - all in good condition and have been used with stat so not over heated. (could post)
A Caroliner storm wheel in white £10 (could post)
A spotty bonding bag £5 (could post) (think this was made by cath and sue but not sure)
A home made wooden house £4

I also have a ikea vivarium unit in beach with a pulse stat, ceramic bulb holder, ceramic bulb and bulb guard. so a complete set up for sale (not sure how much at the moment)

I live in Salisbury, regularly travel to Wimborne, Avebury and Totnes so could deliver/meet you.

If any one is interested in specific bits I'll add photos

Thanks for reading


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Re: Selling Stuff

Post by animal addict on Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:40 pm

awww sorry to hear about your little girl :-(

good luck with the sale of things and hopefully you might get a bit of interest from other carers - if any other carers spot anything that you need for your fosters let us know

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