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Foster info

Post by Jewbag86 on Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:19 pm

Where can I get info on becoming a foster what it intails costs ect thankyou


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Re: Foster info

Post by animal addict on Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:41 pm

Hiya :-) You need to email : and ask for the carers application form which you need to fill out and return. If you get approved then you have to sign a confidentiality contract and abide by it (this is really important) You have to have a suitable set up for a rescue hog and be willing to follow our criteria for being a carer (i.e you post your details up and number of spaces you have and keep it up to date, you post up here updates on hogs in your care etc, you uphold the name of the rescue at all times and not act in a way that would be detrimental to the rescue when acting in a rescue capacity) Once approved you get access to the carers section of the forum which gives you more info as theres stickies and stuff there to help guide you as well. Cost wise - there shouldnt be any real cost to yourself - some of our carers claim petrol if they are travelling great distances, some class it as a donation if its only a short journey and dont bother claiming and the same as food but things like equipment needed or vets treatment the rescue will always cover this as no carer should be footing those sorts of expenses themselves. The biggest cost to yourself is time as sometimes the work can be time consuming esp if you have a rescue hog in situ or are making arrangements to go and collect one. You can make it as you want basically - you might only want to be a short term foster carer or if you cant or dont want to travel then you would only operate locally - its up to people how much involvement they want because life is busy and it all depends on what you want to give to the service and at the end of the day we are grateful for all and any help we get because it all helps somewhere along the line - depending on your area as well some carers can find themselves very busy and others not so busy so that factors as well. Please feel free to ask any other questions or ask for elaborations if I havent explained anything well enough :-)

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