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Post by jenn83 on Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:48 pm

Well i've had the little monkey a month today Very Happy He is such a cheeky little thing and always knows how to make me smile. He is still a grumpypants but i love that about him, he has the best frowny face Very Happy Making slow progress but can pick him up in my hands when he is balled up now without much huffing as previously he wouldnt let me touch him at all and would huff and pop at me constantly. He does spend most of his time in his pouch when he is out as he is still quite jumpy and wont settle, but is happy to just sleep in there on my hands or knee. Bought him a play pen thinking it would encourage him to play but so far he just uses it as a toilet and then sleeps Sad Little monkey! He loves his food and have found that mince is his favourite. Seems to be the only food where he will lick the bowl clean. He does tend to have a food fight most nights and always seem to find biscuits in his bed lol He still refuses to use a wheel but spends all night running round the wheel and under it, tend to sit in his room in the dark before i go to bed and watch him Very Happy he is a funny little thing and we love him to bits. Will be taking him to see his auntie Jo before long as i think she misses him a little bit Very Happy
My boyfriend seems to be quite taken with him too now, and often asks to hold him and feed him in the evenings Smile We are both so happy he is part of our little family now Very Happy
Will keep you updated on how he gets on Very Happy

Just woken up so is a bit grumpy

Fast asleep in his blanket

Om nom nom!

Little monkey before he pushed his forage tray out of his viv onto the floor....



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Re: Pocket

Post by animal addict on Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:30 pm

haha thats brilliant and thank you for the wonderful update!! Its great to hear about rescue hoggies in their new homes!! Love the sleeping pic esp!!

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